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Comprehensive website terms of use


1. General points

1.2 Correspondence
All correspondence should be addressed to VitalizeDX Biopôle @Startlab, Rte de la Corniche 5, 1066 Epalinges, or by email to info@vitalizedx.ch .

2. Offer

2.1. The offers of VitalizeDX are addressed to clients of legal age and capable of acting, domiciled in Switzerland or in the European Union. They are provided without obligation and therefore do not constitute a binding offer. All customers who are not domiciled in this region must accept the Swiss sales and offer conditions.

3. Order and delivery

3.1. Orders are placed on the website www.vitalizedx.ch. If it appears after confirmation of receipt of the order that an article is not deliverable, the order is simply cancelled, without the customer being able to make any claims.

3.2 In the event that VitalizeDX is unable to meet a delivery deadline, the client may cancel the order by notifying the customer service in writing within 30 days of confirmation of receipt of the order.

3.3 The available items are sent by post within approximately 3 to 5 working days after receipt of your payment. In case of participation of your part this one is asked only once by order is at the time of the order.

Participation in shipping costs:
As specified in each item.

NOTE: VitalizeDx does not deliver to P.O. Boxes and does not deliver to minors or those under guardianship, unless written permission is obtained from the parent or guardian.

3.4 Deliveries are made exclusively to addresses in Switzerland and the European Union at the expense and risk of the customer.

3.5 Our delivery commitment is void in case of failure or non-compliance with the supply deadlines of our own suppliers, and insofar as this unavailability is not attributable to VitalizeDX.

3.6. If a collection period has been agreed, the client must take delivery of the ordered goods within four weeks of the notification of availability at the specified depot. Collection shall take place during the general opening hours of the specified warehouse.

3.7. The customer undertakes to check immediately whether the goods delivered / collected are as ordered, complete and in perfect condition. Damage to the delivered / collected goods must be reported to the transport company and to VitalizeDx as soon as possible, but no later than five calendar days after delivery. In the event of a complaint, all parts of the original packaging must be retained. The client may only dispose of them with the written consent of the transport company or VitalizeDx.

4. Prices

4.1. VitalizeDx has the right to change its prices at any time. The price in effect is the one published on the date of the order. Price changes that occur after the order has been placed are not taken into consideration.
4.2 All prices of VitalizeDx are in Swiss Francs, including VAT (value added tax) and VRT (advance recycling fee). Additional costs (e.g. postage, packaging, surcharges for certain means of payment, transport guarantees, services and installation costs) are not included in the price. They are listed separately and may be charged extra. We reserve the right to make technical changes, errors and misprints.

5. Terms of payment and retention of title

5.1. Accepted means of payment
They are indicated at the time of the order. VitalizeDx can exclude one or the other in general or for certain clients, without having to justify its decision. VitalizeDx is entitled to collect surcharges on certain payment methods. VitalizeDx reserves the right to inquire about the creditworthiness of the client.

5.2. Article is sold out or cancelled
It is not subject to any billing (debit on your card). At each step, the online payment is secure. No information is transmitted in clear text on the site. The server is in encrypted mode and all information is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to your data by a third party. VitalizeDx uses the most modern encryption techniques recognized which guarantees the security of data exchanges on the Internet. All order data is transmitted in encrypted form exclusively to VitalizeDx. Your credit/debit card information is only known to our financial partners.

Here is the information you will need at the end of the order process:
1. The type of card
2. The card number
3. Its validity date
4. The cryptogram number (on the back of the credit card)
5. The 3D secure password if you have activated it with your bank.
These data are verified with different authorization servers. The purpose of this exchange is to prevent fraud and abuse.

5.3 In case of payment by invoice
The billing and delivery addresses must be identical. The invoice is issued on the date of the order and is due within 30 days, otherwise VitalizeDx will charge a reminder fee of CHF 30.00 from the second reminder onwards, with the express reservation of further claims for damages.

If the client is in default of payment, VitalizeDx may without notice cancel or suspend all further orders until the debt is paid in full. In addition, VitalizeDx reserves the right to assign receivables to a collection company.

5.4. In case of purchase by debit or credit card
The amount is debited on the date of the order and the client data is transmitted in encrypted form.
In case of prepayment, the order is only triggered once the corresponding amount is received by VitalizeDx. During this period, the desired items cannot be reserved. In case of supply difficulties, it may happen that the goods with the status “in stock” are not immediately available when the order is placed. If payment has not been received by VitalizeDx within 10 days, VitalizeDx may cancel the order. If it has been agreed that the goods ordered by the client will be collected from a VitalizeDx collection point, the purchase price, including ancillary costs, must be paid in full at that time.
5.5. The products delivered by VitalizeDx or collected by the client remain the property of VitalizeDx until the full amount of the purchase price (including all supplements) has been received by VitalizeDx. The client agrees to take care of the products as long as they are the property of VitalizeDx.

6. Warranty and repairs

6.1. No return or exchange
The client has no right of return or exchange as a general rule. The purchase invoice serves as a warranty certificate and must be carefully kept.

6.2 Steps to be taken in the event of a defect
The customer can claim a defect without any grounds for exclusion of warranty. Such grounds for exclusion may include damage caused by the elements, moisture, impact or fall, natural wear and tear, operating errors, damage caused by third parties, as well as in the event of third-party intervention in or modification of the product. Wearing parts are excluded from the warranty.
In the event of a defect or fault that is not covered by the warranty, the client must contact VitalizeDx. In any case, the return to VitalizeDx must have been previously agreed with the latter.
Defective products are not collected from the client. It is the client’s responsibility to send them to the designated service center or to deliver them to the agreed upon location at the client’s expense and risk. The products must be shipped with all accessories in the original packaging and accompanied by the purchase receipt, indicating the RMA number provided by VitalizeDx. If the original packaging is not available, the product must be packaged in order to be properly transported.
Products not subject to a warranty period that are returned to the wrong address and whose return by the client has not been agreed beforehand, whose packaging is defective or which are not accompanied by their accessories, risk being returned to the sender by VitalizeDx, which may then demand compensation.

If it appears that a returned product is not under warranty, an estimate of the costs will be automatically established. If it does not decide on the estimate, the product will be recycled.

6.3 Warranty period and manufacturer’s warranty
The duration of the warranty. It is at least two years for new products. Exchange under warranty and repair under warranty do not extend the original warranty period. The warranty does not restrict the statutory warranty obligation. The warranty period begins on the date of delivery. If there is a waiting period until delivery, the warranty period does not run. For example, in the case of partial deliveries, the warranty period for several products ordered at the same time may vary.
The warranty provisions, in particular those concerning the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty, apply to items purchased from VitalizeDx. The client acknowledges that the manufacturer’s warranty provisions generally only provide for a right to repair or exchange, if there are no grounds for exclusion. The customer is not entitled to damages or compensation.
The decision to repair or exchange the product is usually made by VitalizeDx. During the repair or until the delivery of a replacement product, the client is not entitled to a replacement product free of charge. If the defective product is replaced by the manufacturer, the value of the replacement device will be adjusted to the fair value of the defective product. The latter will become the property of the manufacturer. The repair or exchange of a product does not extend the original warranty period. If the manufacturer, instead of a repair or an exchange, decides to proceed to a refund, the amount of this one will be adjusted on the fair value of the defective product. The refund shall in no case exceed the purchase price and shall take into account the fact that the customer may have used the product until the defect occurred. If it appears that the product is not defective or that the defects found are not under warranty, the return of the device will be made at the expense and risk of the customer. In addition, an indemnity may be charged.

6.4. Return or exchange of goods
The customer is entitled to return the product concerned within 7 days after sending/collecting the product together with the delivery note, if the product is in its original packaging, the packaging has only been opened and the product has not been used, the product is complete and without defects. A return is only possible after contacting the VitalizeDx customer service via info@vitalizedx.ch. After the return in accordance with the rules, the customer service checks the returned product and the reasons for the return before issuing the client, after positive examination, a voucher for the net purchase amount (minus shipping costs, taxes, fees, insurance costs). The customer can also request a refund of the net purchase amount after providing his account details with IBAN number to the customer service department. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs of the return.

7. Liability
Liability for damages due to impossibility of performance, breach of contract, culpability in the conclusion of the contract or quasi-commitment is excluded, except in cases of intent or gross negligence. Any liability for indirect and consequential damages resulting from use, inadequate performance or loss of power is excluded.
All information on the website www.VitalizeDx.ch are only proposals made to customers who are solely responsible for the use of the products in question.
The total responsibility for the use of what is proposed on the site www.VitalizeDx.ch lies with the user and does not involve the company VitalizeDx.

VitalizeDx declines all responsibility in case of lack of knowledge, lack of training, lack of professionalism as well as misuse of all products presented on the website www.VitalizeDx.ch.
In case of professional purchases, the company will not incur any liability for any indirect damage due to the present, operating losses, loss of profit, damage or costs, which could arise from the purchase of products.

8. data protection

8.1 Individual customer account and one-time purchases
The customer can, when ordering and/or requesting information on certain products, register on www.VitalizeDx.ch. To do so, whether or not he places an order, he is required to indicate, in addition to his user name (e-mail address), his official first and last names, his date of birth, and to define a password.
The customer account data is protected against access by unauthorized third parties. Access to the complete data is only possible for a limited number of duly authorized persons and is only given to third parties upon presentation of a power of attorney or within the framework of an official investigation.
8.3 Advertising and newsletter
The collected data can be analyzed and used for marketing and advertising purposes. For this purpose, target groups are created which enable us to inform customers individually about our offers and other services. However, the customer has the option of opting out of the advertising at any time. If they no longer wish to receive such advertising, they can simply inform the customer service department. Such a decision only affects advertising related to VitalizeDx. Each client can subscribe to an electronic newsletter and unsubscribe easily and at any time.
8.4 Obligation to Retain / Delete Data
The data is stored for 10 years after the end of the contractual relationship and then destroyed.

9. Place of jurisdiction, applicable law
These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. Only Swiss law is applicable. The place of jurisdiction is the headquarters of VitalizeDx in Epallinges VD.
In case of uncertainty, misinterpretation or clarification of a controversial passage, only the French version is authentic.