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You want to check ur biological level of stress, strength, vitality or women’s health?

Enroll in our beta-tester program: after the first salivary test of choice, receive 3 months of customized supplements matching ur profile+ a bonus test at the end of the treatment….

Because your health is unique, be VitalizeDx!

Why/How β-test ??

You want to check you biological level of stress, strength, vitality or women’s health, receive:   

1 salivary test pre-treatment

3 months of customized supplement

1 salivary test post-treatment

The journey

As Beta-tester, you will be able to sneak-peak the VitalizeDx wellness journey. Try out our at home salivary tests pre- and post-treatment, receive the wellness score report intersecting your personal biometric with the general health variables and enjoy the personalized solutions.


Thanking you of your participation in our beta-test program, you will enjoy an unmatched offer. 

The wellness journey is available to you in its integrity at a fraction of the costs of the tests and the nutriceuticals, including shipping costs. 


VitalizeDx wants to offer an affordable and actionable wellness journey yet with the precision of our salivary technology.

Discover your personalized wellness profiles with customized offers.


Saliva is a body fluid rich in biological information (DNA, RNA, Proteins, Hormones).

We offer a hormonal screening reflecting your health status thanks to the partnership with IBL-Tecan and our expertise in salivary diagnostics. 

Upcoming Products

VitalizeDx is a young start-up at seed stage. Tell us what you think, its founders always welcome innovative ideas!!


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